Our school was founded in the thirties of the 20th century. The first building projects appeared in 1925, however, the final decision to build the school was made in 1930. It was the beginning of the  Highland District Agricultural School. The first 17 students started learning in the school. The first headmaster was an engineer Andrzej Górz, who was a graduate from Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Agriculture. 

At the beginning there were only courses at school that lasted several months depending on works in the fields. Teaching programme included subjects connected with our region: organization of rural household, animals breeding, dairy industry, cheese-making, cultivation of highland meadows. The event, that was really important to our school, was the meeting with Aleksandra Piłsudska (the widow of the Marshal Piłsudski) and her daughter. They visited our school in the first year of its existence. The first students graduated from our school in 1936. The school combined theory and practice, its activity was a part of highland region culture. The school location was easily seen from all the lands that belonged to “Podhale” and “Spisz” regions at that time.

Moreover, our school was given a permission to teach although there were many obstacles during the time of the second World War and the occupation of Poland. Apart from teaching our school cooperated with “the underground school organization” that worked secretly during the war. After 13 years  the  Highland District Agricultural School was finished and the school was changed into “agricultural-cooperative” college for adults. In 1978 the name was transferred into “Agricultural Schools Group” (Zespół Szkół Rolniczych) in Nowy Targ. It was the new beginning of our school.



On the 18th of October 1980 the school was named after Polish poet Augstyn Suski. The Augustyn Suski’s family participated in the celebrations. The school was also given a flag with its new name. In our school there were different faculties: Medical College, Medical School for nurses, Agricultural College and many others.

The Veterinary Technical College Course has existed in our school since 1950. The  Nutrition and Agriculture Technical College Courses appeared in next years. Then Fundamental Mechanical School of Agriculture was transformed into Fundamental Vocational School of two profiles: Agricultural Machines and Vehicles Operator  (3 year course) and Cook of Small Gastronomy (2 year course) after the year 1995.

Since the school year 2007/2008 there has been used an electronic system in our school – “Librus”. It has replaced completely paper records of marks and attendance of the students. Our school was one of the first schools in Nowy Targ which started using such a system. The access to a computer and internet is available in every classroom. There are two separate computer labs and one computer lab in the library in the school. Moreover, there is a slide projector in almost every classroom and several white boards.

Our school has had a new leading and supervising unit – the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in Poland since the 1st of January 2008. 

What is more, the name of our school was again changed into “The Group of the schools of the Agricultural Training Centre named Augustyn Suski in Nowy Targ” (Zespół Szkół Centrum Kształcenia Rolniczego im. Augustyna Suskiego w Nowym Targu) at the beginning of the school year 2009/2010.

There was a great success of our school at the end of the school year 2008/2009 – the school was given a reward – the bronze statute for very satisfying results of exams. Our school was the third best school in 45 schools supervised by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in Poland.

Nowadays there are about 430 students in our school and there are six courses of Technical Colleges: Veterinary, Nutrition Technology, Agriculture, Nutrition and Catering Services (it started in 2005, but the name was Nutrition and Household – the name was changed into Nutrition and Gastronomy Services in September 2012, after the school reform in Poland), Landscape Architecture (since 2006), Rural Tourism (since 2012). and one course in the Fundamental Vocational School: Cook. To sum up, there are twenty-four general groups of students and more than fifty teachers.

There are also many optional clubs, groups and courses for students, for example: Catering Club, Floristry Club, Architecture Designers Club, Automotive Club, Photography Club, Journalist Club, a course of html, a course of Latin Language, Film Club, The Holy Bible Club, Culture Club, the “Caritas” School Group, Voluntary Blood Donation Group. We have sports teams such as: basketball, volleyball, football teams and Hiking and Cycling Clubs, as well.

Furthermore, the event “The Bread Day” has been held every year in our school since 2009. 

The headmaster of the school has been Mr. Marian Nowak, MA since 1990. His term of office is the longest in the history of our school.


The text was originally prepared and translated by an English teacher: Beata Jarończyk, MA.